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Robot-Service Kft. started its business in the industrial automation world in 2011. Over the years, our colleagues have gained a lot of experience in boosting the reliability of their machines and in finding cost-effective solutions.


Our main activities are the construction of individual target machines and robotic cells. Along with these two main groups, we have mastered a wide variety of technologies, and we are efficiently utilizing our experience in each of our projects. Our services also cover the individual machine-building sub-processes, complete with education and the autonomous execution of the components.

Our goal is to create machines that our customers can be fully satisfied with.

One of the most important factors in the industry is the deadline, so we manage our projects with accurate and continuous capacity analysis and accurate time schedule tracking. The key to our success is the flexibility to meet the extra needs of our customers while maintaining the technical standard.

We put great emphasis on the reliability of our machines and safe operation. With the continuous development of our specialists we increase the quality of our machines.

It is important for us to produce quality products for which we are committed.

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